Visitors to the Great Yorkshire Show can see the world’s first 100 per cent methane-powered production tractor.

New Holland’s T6 Methane Tractor is exhibited by Russell’s Group as part of the new Innovation Zone.

The tractor uses waste products from crops grown on-farm to generate biomethane, which powers the tractor, and which in turn helps to grow the crops. 

Darlington and Stockton Times: Tractor of the future. New Holland's T6 Methane Power. The world's first 100% methane powered

The Innovation Zone is hosted by the Farmer Scientist Network, a group supported by the Yorkshire Agricultural Society.

Holly Jones, coordinator of the Farmer Scientist Network, a group which finds new ways for science and technology to drive solutions and underpin innovation in agriculture, said: “This is an exciting time for agricultural innovation and technology, and we want to share and celebrate this at the Great Yorkshire Show.”

Dr Dave George, chair of the Farmer Scientist Network, added: “We hope the Innovation Zone gives our farming visitors some new ideas and the wider public a broader perspective of modern-day agriculture.”

The Innovation Zone included exhibits such as the automatic Hoofcount footbath for cattle, which is designed to reduce herd lameness, to showcase new animal health technologies. Machinery that supports regenerative agriculture is displayed, including the versatile Cameleon cultivation system which drills crops with precise row spacing.

Raised cover crop beds show how crop rotations can be used to lock in good soil health, and farming visitors can bring soil samples along to a drop-in Soil Doctor surgery where scientists put soil under a microscope to analyse how healthy it is.