Footage has emerged of thieves brazenly entering a college's grounds before stripping a van for parts and leaving the scene.

Police are appealing for more infromation after CCTV footage captured two thieves stripping a minibus belonging to UTC South Durham for parts on Sunday (June 22).

The college confirmed a student's bike was also stolen from the school's bike shelter.

They said these actions impacted students looking to undergo a GCSC exam on Monday, though this issue was thankfully solved after teachers provided lifts to those affected.

Tom Dower, principal of the UTC, said: “This incident is deeply frustrating – it has impacted on our students sitting exams and travelling to their place of work as well as being time consuming and expensive to manage. 

"However, I have been very proud to see our staff going above and beyond to ensure that our students’ high quality education continues”.

A video of the incident showed the thieves cutting metal work from the vehicle before leaving through a sports court.

A spokesperson for the school said the damage to the minibus had left the vehicle "un-roadworthy" after a majority of the front was removed.

Shocked residents reacted to footage of the theft online with a mixture of anger and disgust.

One furious resident said: "Shocking, makes me so angry, we really have lost the plot in our country."

Police are currently dealing with the matter.

The incident took place on Sunday 18th June at 6pm, if anyone has any information that could help them, please contact Durham police directly.