The BBC are suing site operators of the Bilsdale TV mast after a fire destroyed the original structure leaving millions without TV signals.

The broadcaster is seeking money that is owed by the telecommunications company under its existing contract.

The mast burst into flames on August 10, 2021.

Since then Arqiva has been working to restore signals to as many people as possible, erecting smaller relay masts and most recently a temporary mast on the site of the former structure.

Darlington and Stockton Times:

Now, site operators hope to switch on a new permanent 300-metre mast within weeks, after the construction of the structure over the last year.

However, the BBC argues that Arqiva has "failed to meet expected performance levels" after more than 18 months has passed.

A spokesperson for BBC said: “Since the Bilsdale site fire in August 2021, audiences across Yorkshire and the North-East of England have suffered disruption to their viewing and listening.

“The BBC has been working with Arqiva to restore full services as soon as possible. However, after more than 18 months, Arqiva has failed to meet expected performance levels, both contractually and for our audiences.

“The BBC is now seeking money owed by Arqiva under its contracts with the BBC.”

Just this week it was announced that the new permanent structure that should restore signals to nearly all of those still affected will be live within weeks, Arqiva said.

Over 99 per cent will only need to retune their TVs, however, a very small group may not benefit from the new mast.

Arqiva say they are writing to these households about what they need to do if they lose TV services once the mast goes live.