"Fed up" residents could face weeks of further road disruption as Yorkshire Water work to repair a collapsed sewer.

The work has meant one of the main roads in Leeming Bar, connecting Leeming village and Londonderry, has been completely closed off, leading to long diversions for local people, particularly to reach the primary school.

Work was due to be finished by the end of April but there have been delays and Aiskew and Leeming Bar parish council say realistically it could be another few weeks. The work has meant digging up Leeming Lane and the playground, which has been closed off since the end of March.

Once the work is finished the council say the park, which has been closed for safety reasons, will have to be inspected and the equipment checked and cleaned before it can be reopened.

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Residents are calling for weekly updates on what is happening.

One said: “We are beyond fed up with it. I've got to say the workmen are very pleasant whenever I walk past on my way to the Co-op. What I don’t understand is the need to have the road closed all the time, fair enough if they are working on it but that doesn’t seem the case. If it is dug up can they not put a metal ramp over half of it and use traffic lights?"