A historic chain of office was presented to Northallerton Town Council by Hambleton District Council leader councillor Mark Robson in one of his last actions before the authority ceases to exist.

The chain for the Northallerton urban and rural district authorities is thought to go back a century. The last major reorganisation of local authorities in 1974 saw the creation of Hambleton Council. It is understood the chain had been held in keeping by Hambleton.

Cllr Robson told members at their recent meeting he was pleased to be presenting the chain of office back to the local authority where it belonged. Northallerton Urban council was created in 1894 along with Northallerton Rural District as part of the old North Riding of Yorkshire.

Cllr Robson said it was important that such memorabilia was put where it belonged. He has criticised the setting up of the new North Yorkshire Council which has meant the end of all seven of the county's district councils, including Hambleton, believing residents will suffer as a result of the reorganisation.

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He wished the town council well saying: "I have to be positive and you have to move forward, I just hope North Yorkshire delivers a fraction of what Hambleton did. The relationship with the town council in the past hasn't been the best until recent years and that has been challenging. However we are where we are and the relationship I have had over the past three to four years has vastly improved.

"I do fear for the residents of Hambleton because going forward, the new North Yorkshire is a vast area and you won't have the local connection you have had for 49 years."

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Mayor councillor Phil Eames said: "We want to thank Hambleton District Council for their support in particular the financial support that has been forthcoming, that's enabling us to provide new toilets and other facilities around the town. The completion of the Northallerton centre development will be fantastic for the town."

Town councillors agreed that they should move forward on negotiations with the business improvement district to possibly run Northallerton's popular outdoor market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Cllr Eames said it would be a long process and they were not committing to it but they needed to start the ball rolling. It has been run by Hambleton District Council and will be overseen through the transition.

Councillors agreed to ask North Yorkshire Police to investigate ongoing concerns over anti social behaviour in several parts of Northallerton.

Councillor Julie Hutson said she had been approached by several local businesses over youngsters going into premises and causing problems. Councillor Paul Cornfoot said he had encountered a group of youths in the High Street who were being abusive.