Ten years ago this week electrician Steve Walsh suffered a catastrophic series of strokes which left him with locked in syndrome - paralysed and unable to speak, communicating only through eye contact.

With the backing of his devoted wife Michaela, and family and friends, adaptations have been made to Steve’s home and specialist equipment has helped. He still relies on a wheelchair and a team of carers around the clock.

When the weather improves, Steve loves to go out into the garden of their home in Leeming Bar, near Bedale, but wooden ramps previously donated need replacing due to significant wear and tear. Supporter Claire Mosby has launched a go fund me page to raise £5,000 for a metal ramp and help to repair storm damage to the garden.

While the past ten years have been a nightmare for Michaela and the couple’s sons Sam and Matthew, who are now in their 20s, Steve’s determination to get on with life is an inspiration.

Michaela, 49, said: “We have our difficult times like many people, but you just keep going. It has been a real roller coaster and Steve always says he wouldn’t be here without me, but he just amazes me, he is so determined. For six and a half hours a day he will go on a specially adapted pedal machine which helps maintain his muscles.

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“He loves a bit of banter with the carers, we have a lovely dedicated team. He also loves being outside when the weather gets better but with the old ramps it was more difficult to get the wheelchair out and now it’s really hard. I know he would like to be out there more but sometimes doesn’t like to ask because it is tricky. A metal ramp will be a huge help.

“We have had such wonderful support from the community over the years, people have been just brilliant and we really want to say thank you for that, it has made all the difference to have that backing.”

Steve will be 60 in May and Claire is hoping they can get the new ramp installed by then.

“It has been really difficult for Steve and Michaela, but they have been astonishing in how they have just got on with it," she said.

“Steve was a really big part of the community before the strokes, he has a huge heart and was always ready to help people, he would do anything for anyone and that’s why we have had so much support.

“The ramp will make it much easier to get Steve into the garden, he absolutely loves being outside and we’re hoping to repair some storm damage. If anyone would like to donate that would be lovely and if they do, it would be so nice to add a comment on how people know Steve, and if they have special messages for him, so we can share these with him.

“He still always has his big smile and I know he would love to hear from people.”

Anyone who would like to help can click here