Police have shared their shock after catching the driver of a 44 ton lorry sending a text message while driving the HGV in central Darlington. 

Officers from Durham Road Policing Team pulled over the lorry on Thursday (November 24) after noticing the vehicle was moving to one side in the Harrowgate area of the town. 

After noticing the dangerous driver, the police cars and motorbikes involved signalled the truck to pull over and spoke to the driver in relation to the offence. 

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Despite the truck driver not losing the vehicle there and then, police confirmed that he has been referred to the traffic commissioner - where they will likely face points on their license and a fine.

Police found the problem vehicle during its crackdown of drivers on their phones - which has so far caught numerous motorists, including quite a number of HGV drivers. 

Posting on its online page, Durham Road Policing team shared the message: "Another HGV driver caught using their mobile phone while driving this morning.

"Sat at the wheel of a 44 tonner is not the place to be sending a text message.

"Driver issued with a traffic offence report, and will be reported to the traffic commissioner."

While the police handled the issue with calmness, members of the public on the comment section of the post were less than impressed and directed their anger towards the HGV driver. 

Commenting on the post, one person said: "This is appalling - no wonder there are so many accidents, people are using their mobile phones," while another added: "Shocking behaviours, this shameful driver should be ashamed. I hope they throw the book at them." 

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