FROM permanent pasture to herbal leys, the options now available for the country’s sheep farmers when it comes to managing their grassland are numerous and can be confusing.

To support sheep farmers through these difficult decisions the NSA is launching its new Grassland Trail at this month’s NSA Sheep Event.

As input prices increase, the new feature at the event, taking place on Wednesday, July 27, at the Three Counties Showground, Worcestershire, will provide plentiful advice so farmers are able to explore ways they can optimise their grasslands for efficient and profitable sheep production.

The trail will offer visitors the chance to speak to grassland specialists, join practical workshops delivered by nutrition and grass seed companies or listen to leading industry experts debate the future role of grasslands in carbon sequestration. Topics covered will include soil health, multi-species swards, parasite control and water management.

NSA chief executive officer Phil Stocker said: “All at NSA are very excited to be able to welcome visitors to this new feature at NSA Sheep Event. Its launch could not come at a more important time as farmers seek methods to make the most from their grasslands under current pressures from rising input costs but also at a time when the importance of grasslands in the climate change debate must be highlighted both to farmers and the wider public.”

The NSA Grassland Trail has been created as part of NSA’s involvement in the EU-funded E-Organic Erasmus project and aims to offer advice to farmers on how to integrate sustainable farming practices into their future management systems, taking proactive steps to tackle current and future challenges.

A number of workshops will also be on offer providing farmers with some hands on advice to take home. A series of competitions is run throughout the day, providing entertainment and encouraging the next generation of sheep farmers, while a sheepdog sale is always a big draw for visitors.

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