TEMPERATURES soared across North Yorkshire today as a heatwave hit the UK.

Data from North Yorkshire Weather shows that the hottest temperature recorded was 40.3C in Great Barugh, making it one of the hottest places in the UK.

This was followed by 39.2C in Barton le Street, 39.2C in Huby and 39.1C in Malton.

Temperatures were between 37.9C and 38.9 in other areas across the county.

The rise in temperatures came after the Met Office issued a Red Extreme heat weather warning for parts of the UK.

According to the Met office, last night was also the warmest on record with highs of 25C in some parts of the UK.

Across North Yorkshire, temperatures stayed between 20C and 24C through the night.

Tonight, temperatures are set to fall from 9pm with temperatures dropping to 20C in some areas.