WITH time running out before the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, an appeal has been made by a parish council for the return of a special plaque created for her Coronation nearly 70 years ago.

Since 1953 when the Queen was crowned, the specially-made plaque has remained on top of the notice board for Aiskew Parish, near Bedale. But as the community prepares to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee next week, it has been discovered the shield has gone missing, and now the parish council is appealing to get it back.

Sue Nicholson, clerk to Aiskew Parish Council said members would be quite happy if someone wants to return it anonymously - as long as it is returned.

The shield was made by the family of local resident Macolm Gill and it was he who discovered it had gone when he went to restore it in preparation for the jubilee.

Sue said: “He goes every year to make sure it is in good order and that was when it was discovered it was not there. It sits on top of the parish noticeboard at the junction between Bedale Road and Back Lane. We’re not sure exactly when it went but believe it has only recently gone missing because there have been reports that it had been seen there in the past few weeks.

“The police have been informed but if anyone knows anything about the whereabouts of the plaque we really just want it back. It was specially made and has been part of the history of Aiskew for 70years, it’s important to the community that we get it back, and hopefully for the jubilee celebrations from June 2.”

Anyone who thinks they may be able to help can get a message to the parish council through the email address clerk@aiskewleemingbar-pc.gov.uk or return it to the noticeboard .