A ROW has broken out over Northallerton’s May Fair amid claims the newly refurbished High Street was left in a poor state, while organisers the Showmen’s Guild insist they are intensely proud of the event and were not aware of any problems.

Campaigner Tony Webster is calling on a new site to be found. He said: “The High Street was left in an appalling state with oil, tyre and vomit marks all over the newly paved area. All the authorities involved now have a year to find an alternative site.

“It should never be allowed in the High Street again. A lot of money has been spent on the High Street to attract people to the town for 52 weeks of the year, not five days of the May Fair. Surely the area around Stonecross should be considered or the Applegarth car park?”

Hambleton District Council said it had not received any complaints following the fair. A spokesperson added: “Additional sweeping and bin emptying were carried out during the event and the area was swept the morning after it had left.”

A spokesperson for the Showmen’s Guild said: “We are deeply shocked and saddened that a member of the public feels the need to approach the newspaper to complain about a fair that has been running in the High Street at Northallerton for hundreds of years. We are as proud of Northallerton Street Fair as we are about all of our street fairs, a hundred across the country.

“At Northallerton we have site meetings with the council prior to the fair and a de-brief the morning after. To our knowledge there have been no major issues or problems with the condition of the High Street once the fair left.

“This year, extra precautions were taken by all the operators to ensure the High Street was not damaged, as we are well aware that it had just been renovated. This was discussed with the council prior to the fair going ahead.

“We would like to add that it was wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves back at Northallerton May Fair, following the long lockdown period.”