THE NFU livestock team has published a new Red Meat Export Strategy to help the British livestock sector unlock the potential of expanding international markets.

With government looking to expand it current trade deals following Brexit, the NFU wants British livestock farmers to be supported as they seek to expand into new markets and go toe to toe with some of the most export orientated producers on the planet.

NFU’s Red Meat Export Strategy focuses on these key area:

  • Prioritising market development, achieving greater access for UK red meat across the globe, while safeguarding existing trade opportunities;
  • Investing in export promotion of Brand Britain and allowing UK exporters to capitalise on market access opportunities across the world;
  • Empowering the UK’s new Food and Drink Export Council to work in partnership with industry as the UK looks towards an ambitious expansion of its free trade agreement portfolio;
  • A commitment to improve the sector’s productivity and competitiveness, with initiatives that build export opportunities for UK beef and sheep meat;
  • Establishing and safeguarding our nation’s core environmental, animal health and welfare standards by not allowing domestic producers to be undercut by countries operating to standards that would be illegal here.

British beef is renowned across the world for its quality and the world-class environmental and animal welfare standards it is produced it to.

UK climate and farming systems mean the country is exceptionally good at producing delicious beef sustainably, and with the global appetite for high quality meat not slowing down, there is a huge opportunity to look beyond our traditional markets.

NFU Livestock Board Chairman Richard Findlay said: “Cattle and sheep represent a cornerstone of our landscape management in the UK and an integral part of our stewardship of the British countryside.

"In the face of a new liberalised trade agenda, huge rises in input costs, and financial uncertainty surrounding the transition to a new domestic agricultural policy, Brand Britain needs a serious, long-term plan and investment in UK agriculture that will enable us to look beyond our traditional markets and maximise export potential.

“The global appetite for meat is not slowing down. Driven by population growth and an increase in middle class diets, opportunities for beef and lamb around the world will continue to develop. There needs to be a coherent approach across government to bolster UK farming’s productivity and ensure that red meat is at the heart of any future export growth plans.”