THESE are the beaches in the region where dogs will be banned from next week - and you could be fined as much £1,000 if you ignore new rules.

Beaches from Whitley Bay right down to Saltburn will become 'dog-free' zones from Sunday, May 1, for the summer period until September 30.

The strict rules, which are imposed at certain locations every year, are part of a power that councils can decide to introduce in order to prevent dogs from using spaces.

A dog walker who falls foul of 'Public Spaces Protection Order' rules can be issued a fixed penalty of £100, although this is usually reduced to £50 if paid within seven days.

Darlington and Stockton Times: A ban at Seaton Carew Picture: JIM SCOTT/NORTHERN ECHOA ban at Seaton Carew Picture: JIM SCOTT/NORTHERN ECHO

But if this fine is not paid, the local authority could then choose to prosecute an offender in court, where a maximum fine of £1,000 may be given.

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So-called PSPOs are often enforced in areas to help prevent dog mess from becoming a safety hazard when places like beaches are at their busiest.

But as beaches are set to get busier in coming weeks and half-term looms, we've rounded up the beaches where your family pet is now not allowed to use.

This list is based on information provided by the council and information that was issued last year.

Redcar and Cleveland

Some areas under Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council have PSPOs in place with Redcar and Saltburn beaches affected.

The council states an order is in place on Redcar beach from the western corner of Regent Cinema right down to the Esplanade, and Graffernberg Street.

Meanwhile down the road in Saltburn, dogs are not permitted on the beach between Hazelgrove and Saltburn Pier.


In Hartlepool, two parts of beaches in the area have PSPOs - with The Headland (Block Sands and Fish Sands), and Seaton Carew - from the Norton Hotel to the Coach Park.

County Durham

There are no orders in place across County Durham's beaches preventing dogs from using them for walking and exercising.


In Sunderland, dogs are not allowed to use Roker Beach - between Roker Pier Cottages and the junction of Roker Park.

Meanwhile, along the road, dogs are also not allowed to use Seaburn Beach - between the start of Queen's Parade and the roundabout for Morrisons supermarket.

South Tyneside

In South Tyneside, dogs are excluded from Sandhaven beach which covers the length between Trow Rocks and the Ocean Beach Pleasure Park.

North Tyneside

In North Tyneside, there are four beaches where dogs are not permitted over the summer period.

They include King Edward's Bay in Tynemouth, Tynemouth Longsands South, Cullercoats Bay between South Pier and North Pier, and Whitley Bay South.


In Northumberland, there are two main areas where PSPOs are routinely imposed over the summer season.

Much of the beach at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea is off-limits, with the restrictions covering the beach along the promenade from the end of Beach Terrace to the marine centre.

A section of Blyth Beach is also restricted from dogs, with restrictions from Beach Gardens all the way to Blyth Links.

Scarborough and Whitby

In North Yorkshire, Scarborough Borough Council imposes a ban on dogs over the same time period on what it calls are the main sections of beach in the borough.

They are the main sections at Scarborough South Bay and North Bay, Whitby West Cliff, Filey and Sandsend. 

What some councils have said

In Sunderland, where a number of restrictions are being imposed, the council states that walkers must familiarise themselves with signage to avoid falling foul of the law.

Michelle Coates, Neighbourhood Enforcement Manager at Sunderland City Council, said: "We know from our Let's Talk resident feedback that the environment is a top priority for our residents with calls for more enforcement action. More than 90 per cent of those who took part in the consultation we carried out ahead of the PSPO renewal last year were in favour of keeping the dog exclusion zones on our beaches as they are.

"We're aware that not everyone knows about the dog exclusion zones or remembers when they come into force which is why we're taking this opportunity remind them. We also have clear signage at both beaches as well as information on our website."

"We're lucky enough to have some fabulous beaches in Sunderland with more than enough space for everyone, so we would ask anyone planning to take their dog for a walk along the beach to make sure that they check the signage and observe the zones."

"We would also ask people to make sure that they clean up after their dogs. Although the vast majority of our residents do this, we still see some irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to foul on our footpaths, green spaces and beaches and don't clear it up. This has resulted in us issuing 194 fixed penalty notices for dog fouling and dog control offences citywide in the last year, and 62 for dog fouling and dog control at Roker and Seaburn beaches over the same period."