ONE of the leading legal figures in Britain, Baroness Hale of Richmond, helped the Friends of Bedale Community Library raise funds by appearing at their annual charity evening.

Baroness Brenda Hale served as president of the Supreme Court of the UK from 2017 until her retirement in 2020. Brought up in nearby Scorton, she went to Richmond High School before studying law at Girton College, Cambridge, one of six women in a year with 110 men, graduating with a rare starred first.

At Lady Hale's request, the event in support of the linrary took the form of an interview with Brian Cook. This was followed by a discussion of some of her more tricky cases, where she asked the audience how they would have decided them, followed by questions.

Friends of Bedale Library chair Susan Perkins thanked Lady Hale for taking the time to attend the event and talk about her interesting life and unusual cases. Sixty four people attended, along with several new members.

Raffle prizes were donated by local businesses. The raffle raised £226, which will be match funded by Barclays Bank to make £452.   

The event was free for Friends of BCL, who pay a subscription of £15 per year.