Richmond Motor Club. Dick Horner Memorial Trial, Wensley, Sunday.

THE Richmond club returned to familiar trials country at Wensley on Sunday for the annual Dick Horner Memorial Trial, which attracted a maximum 120 competitors.

Clerk of course Darren Fowler and his assistants plotted a testing route that was home to the Gerald Simpson sidecar trial and the Blue Bar Pre-65 event more than 40 years ago.

Landowners Mark and Gary Simpson, Bolton Estates and Metcalfe Farms gave their permissions, which was lucky after the recent snow and torrential rain.

The main course climbed from Tulliscote Farm to Shawl Wood, with 12 sections, some of which were hard. Only five small wheelers entered and they rode in the Tulloscote Farm area.

New Richmond Motor Club president Richard Coates manned section ten, which was ridden clean by only Tom Hick on lap one and twice by novice Tom Middleton.

Overall winner Richard Sadler incurred a five-mark penalty and a maximum in the first section on lap three. Teenager Callum Fowler won the Class A Youth division by a huge margin and when all the mathematics were checked he was placed sixth overall in the hard route category.

Among the entries were Wensley farmer Mark Simpson, Andrew Harker and Braidley Hall farmer Stephen Lambert. The latter won the Clubman B class. Richmond Motor Club thank the landowners, observers, caterers and the Clerk of Course and his assistants.


Main course hard route. Experts: Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 15. Inter: Tom Hick (Beta) 39. Novices: 1 Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 31, 2 Tom Middleton (Vertigo) 33, 3 Daniel Smith (Sherco) 42. Youth Class A: 1 Callum Fowler 49, 2 Harry Blackwell 60, 3 Josh McParland 91 (all Beta). Clubman A: 1 Roger Williams (Beta) 12, 2 Andrew Tales (TRS) 21, 3 Paul Gravestock (Gas Gas) 21. Youths: 1 Jamie Rowntree (Beta) 44, 2 Fraser Proudlock (Gas Gas) 52, 3 Ted Storrow (Gas Gas) 61. Clubman B: 1 Stephen Lambert (Vertigo) 9, 2 Sam Spence (Gas Gas) 16, 3 Paul Wearmouth (Montesa) 21. Over 40s: 1 Anthony Holmes (Beta) 4, 2 Tony Wild (Beta) 5, 3 Paul Sadler (Vertigo) 9. Twin Shock: 1 Paul Dennis (Triumph) 10, 2 Robin Luscombe (BSA) 14, 3 George Emmott (Triumph) 25. Youth Class B: Charlie Astwood (Sherco) 26, 2 Oliver Wright (GAS Gas) 43, 3 Sam Chapman (Vertigo) 43. Main course easy out diversion: 1 Koby Smith 40, 2 Josh Dent 50, 3 Matthew Walton 50. (All Beta). Conducted course. Class D: 1 Joseph Larkin 22, 2 Isaac Tiplady 39. (All Oset). Class E Edward Gospel (Oset) 45. Non-competitive: Riley Plumpton (Beta) 49.

Sunday fixtures

  • Darlington & D.M.C. Eskleth, 11am.
  • Scarborough & D.M.C. Trial, Harwood Dale, 10.30am.
  • Bradford & D.M.C. Trial Cowling Cragg, 11am.