Thirsk DMC trial, Long Plain Farm, Hambleton. Sunday.

IT was superb weather for Thirsk DMC's trial on Sunday, bringing a total of 96 riders to the famous Long Plain Motocross circuit.

Three laps of 12 sections tested the best, especially as the frost eased and MRS Sherco rider, Tom Affleck, from Skelton, duly took the top award on just six marks lost.

Youngster Harrison Skelton was the only other rider to tackle the expert course on the little Scorpa and put in a fantastic ride, only the big waterfall of section nine taking double figures off him.

Ian Morley's first section caused bother with greasy climbs and cambers.

Chris Banks and Roy Jarvis spun to a halt, as did Ross Mclaughlan, all among the massive Clubman B entry.

There was keen competition again from the York trials-riding family of Sharps, Peter edging the Intermediate win this week from Alick.

One-time British Go Kart Champion, Kenny Ward, observing the awkward angled rock step and steep climb of the second hazard, had Pete Sharp for one, before Lealholm's Alistair Jackson put in the only clean on the first lap.

Darlington and Stockton Times:

It wasn' enough to stop Guisborough' Jack Walker as his clean ride on the 11th ensured him the A-class win. He was the only rider to remain unpenalised on this one.


Expert: 1. Tom Affleck (MRS Sherco) 6. Youth expert: 1. Harrison Skelton (Scorpa) 42. Intermediate: 1. Peter Sharp (Vertigo) 17, 2. Alick Sharp (TRS) 24, 3. Karl Dodderidge (AM TRS) 25. Clubman A: 1. Jack Walker (Montesa) 27, 2. Mark Butler (Vertigo) 30, 3. Alistair Jackson (Vertigo) 33. Clubman B: 1. Philp Hammond (Sherco) 0, 2. Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 2, 3. Colin Bailey (Scorpa) 4. Youth Green: 1. Jamie Sharp (Beta) 59, 2. James Dring (Beta) 65, 3. Matilda Arbon (Sherco) 77. Youth Yellow: 1. Reece Woodmansey (Sherco) 35, 2. Reuben Norris (Sherco) 49, 3. William Lishman (Beta) 91. Adult White: 1. John Pattinson (Tenica Wong) 0, 2. Peter Cahill (Montesa) 2, 3. Jeremy Dzierzek (Scorpa) 4.