Eboracum Motorcycle Club of York. Kay Trophy Trial, Spaunton Quarry, Keldhouse, Sunday.

STORM Eunice failed to halt Eboracum MC's first club trial of the year, although the weather changed rapidly later on.

Spaunton Quarry proved a great venue and the ten-section course saw Vertigo rider, Elliot Laws sneak the win from Scarborough's Montesa-mounted Callum Williamson by just one mark after reeling off three superb cleans on the rock steps of section five.

Williamson fought back with best ride of the day on the rocks of eight with one mark lost here.

Another fast-improving rider from the Sharp family, Alick, relegated the experienced Peter to runner-up berth, with the returning John Banks of Guisborough putting in a solid ride for third.

Clubman A route took a mark off winner, Alan Carr, while Pocklington builder, Bryan Kendra put together the perfect ride to remain clean, as did over-50s winner, Chris Laws.


Experts: 1 Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 2, 2 Callum Wilkinson (Montesa) 3, 3 Russell Rooksby (Beta) 15. Inters: 1 Alex Sharp (Vertigo) 6, 2 Peter Sharp (Vertigo) 10, 3 John Banks (Montesa) 13. Class A route: 1 Chris McDougal (TRS) 4, 2 Shaun Page (Vertigo) 13, 3 Lee Smith (Beta) 17.

Over 40s: 1 Alan Carr (Scorpa) 4, 2 Colin Chapman (Vertigo) 5, 3 Alastair Jackson (TRS) 5. Class B route: 1 Bryan Kendra (Beta) 0, 2 Paul Hudson (Montesa) 1, 3 Adam Robinson (Montesa) 10.

Over 50s: 1 Chris Laws (Vertigo) 0, 2 Christopher Stoddart (TRS) 4, 3 Phillip Clough (Sherco) 5. Class White route; 1 Stuart Peel (Gas Gas) 2, 2 Andy Turver (Beta) 6, 3 Peter Cahill (Montesa) 7.

Twin Shock: 1 Duncan MacDonald (Triumph) 2, 2 Michael Grant (BSA) 10, 3 Bryan Bayes (BS) 13. Youth Class B green route: 1 Mason Vasey (Gas Gas) 8, 2 Holly Dixon (Scorpa) 21. Youth C yellow route: James Trotter (Scorpa) 34. Youth intermediate route: Bill Reeves (Trials) 37. Youth green route: James Sharp (Beta) 15. Youth yellow route: 1 Reece Woodmansey (Sherco) 17, 2 Reuben Norris (Trials) 24. Youth yellow route: Romano Diaz (Beta) 48.

Sunday fixture: Richmond Motor Club, annual Dick Horner trial, Redmire Road, Wensley, 10.30am (subject to weather conditions)