THIEVES laid pipework over 400 yards through a field to steal a large quantity of fuel from a North Yorkshire feed firm.

Police have appealed for help from motorists and residents to track down those responsible for the theft, which happened at five past midnight on Tuesday, February 15 at I'Anson Farm Feeds on Thorpe Road in Masham.

A police spokesperson said: "A high value theft of fuel took place from I'Anson in Masham. An HGV has parked up on the same side of the road as I'Anson just prior to I'Anson's boundary fence with the adjoining field, the HGV is very similar to that used to transport grain or bulk feed.

"We believe that the body of the vehicle contained tanks, which the fuel was then pumped into through pipe work that ran 400 yards through the field to the fuel storage tank.

"The HGV was stationary in this location for two hours, 20 minutes while the fuel was pumped out. We are appealing to anyone traveling the road from Grewelthorpe into Masham between five past midnight and 3.25am, did you see this wagon? Is there anything you remember about it, does your vehicle have a dash cam that may have captured the registration plate? If you have any information relating to this incident Please ring 101 and quote NYP-15022022-0044."

Anyone with information can also contact PCSO Alison Swan at Ripon Police Station.

I’Anson Brothers Ltd is one of the UK’s biggest manufacturers of animal feedstuffs. The family firm was established in 1900 providing farm feed from cattle cobs to lamb pellets. 

The company declined to comment about the theft.