Guisborough & D.M.C. Trial, Charltons, Guisborough, Sunday.

REIGNING British Expert Trials Champion, Tom Affleck from Skelton continues to carry his good form through to 2022, winning Guisborough DMC's trial on Sunday from Yarm's Russ Rooksby.

Held at the club's practice ground, the old shale tips were in treacherous condition after heavy rain, but only the steep climb and rock step of Trevor Jones' section, the seventh, caused Affleck any real problems with three marks lost.

There was a really close battle for the Intermediate class win, as Karl Dodderidge and the returning John Banks finished equal on points, and cleans, Dodderidge finally gaining the win on most ones rule.

The top three for Clubman A honours also went down to the wire, Dan Ferguson edging the win on most cleans, Liam Smith runner-up and Richmond's Chris Barnett just a mark further back.

This was an East Yorks Centre Youth Championship round, so a strong entry of the centre's talent was on show. Matilda Arbon held on to win Youth B from Mason Vasey and Joshua Tate had a solid ride to beat Tobias Arbon for the D class win.


Expert: Tom Affleck (MRS Sherco) 4, Russ Rooksby (Beta) 45. Intermediate: Karl Dodderidge (AM TRS) 20, m/1s, John Banks (Montesa) 20, Kris Gilyeat (Beta) 99.

Clubman A: Dan Ferguson (Beta) 9, f/c, Liam Smith (Beta) 9, Chris Barnett (Gas Gas) 10.

Clubman B: Colin R. Bailey (Scorpa) 2, Anthony Wardbill (Beta) 4, Paul Nelson (Repsol) 5.

Youth A: Arron Sherwin (Beta) 77. Youth B: Matilda Arbon (Sherco) 29. Youth C: Louie McGee (Beta) 86. Youth D: Joshua Tate (Oset) 30.

Adult white: William Johnson (Vertigo) 2, Adrian Hewson (TRS) 3, Peter Booth (Gas Gas) 10. Conducted: Harry Ferguson (TRS) 13.