PICKERING DMC had their largest entry for some time for their trial at Yatt's Farm on Sunday and the steep-sided valley sections proved tricky.

As the frost eased and conditions became slippery, the club cut the laps down from their usual six to four as grip became harder to find.

The Adult Monoshock class was headed by Adam Robinson and Mike Kendra on just one mark lost on sections four and five at the head of the valley, with Scarborough's Mark Ellis third a further point down.

The easier route also took marks, but Dan Armstrong came out a clear winner from George Laycock, with Scarborough's Tristan Mallinson putting some good ride together to finish on a score of 36 lost to win the Youth Hard route.


Adult Mono: Adam Robinson (Beta) 1, Mike Kendra (Montesa) 1, Mark Ellis (Montesa) 2.

Adult Easy: Dan Armstrong (Gas Gas) 24, George Laycock (Fantic) 41, Andy Smith (Montesa) 64.

Twinshock: Bill Gamble (Yamaha) 22, John Hook (Fantic) 110.

Youth Hard: Tristan Mallinson (Beta) 36.

Youth Easy: Luke Blackley (Oset) 73.