A BARBER shop is celebrating 25 years since opening in Chaloner Street, Guisborough.

Jimmy Jones, originally from Billingham, used to work for a barbers in Middlesbrough, and decided to branch out and have his own business.

In December 1996, he took over Dave Emms’ hairdressing business in Chaloner Street, which he still has, now known as Js Gents Hairdressing.

Since then, he has expanded and now employs four staff. Mr Jones lives in Norton and travels every working day to Guisborough, which he admits can be a bit trying.

Recalling his experiences over the 25 years, he said: “I guess some of the technology has changed dramatically and it's become more of an appointment business than a walk-in. There’s very little cash around now. Styles are forever changing but that’s not a bad thing. It’s more credit cards, mobile phones, barbering apps, also some of the equipment we use now is a lot more cordless, wi-fi based equipment and the way people can access the internet to bring new styles.”

He is happy with his business and added: “This a really nice area. We’re not going to expand any more, we’ve got a happy medium where we’ve got a nice working environment. At present we’re going to stay as we are. If there’s a need for more, then we will do more. We’ve had up to seven staff in the past.”