Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club. Non-championship trial, Dob Park, Sunday.

THE trial venue was Dob Park on Sunday, but the action was a mile away in Brown's Wood, where ten sections tested the 61 starters.

Three classes contested what was a club restricted event with contenders from East Yorkshire and Lancashire.

As expected, Harry Hemingway topped the hard route with a dab on lap one in the tenth section. Richard Sadler was right on Harry's tail, but the exit up Crosser’s Rocks got him for one on lap one and then another in the third section where the camber and slime grabbed his front wheel.

With father Dan Hemingway and brother Ben riding shotgun, the latter on a new 300cc Beta two stroke, Harry was well informed. Ironically the older Hemmingways kept 13-year-old George off the podium. He was well clear of novice winner Bevan Blacker.

Only a dozen riders contended the hard route class. Sam Yeadon managed to win Clubman A after a dawn patrol planting route and section flags. The west end of Brown’s was littered with tree branches and uprooted bushes. Crosser’s infamous climb took nine marks off Sam, who posted the only clean ride on lap one.

Runner up pair John Bannister and Henry Stephenson and Masham Sausages supremo Paul Dennis edged up the rocks for three penalties to keep Gary Pears in fifth place. David Lamin held on to win Clubman B from over 50s winner Howard Gully and Robin Luscombe. The latter was intent on a finish despite a gear box oil seal problem. The youngsters completed the Clubman C course, which was won by local lad Jimmy Crabtree. He got round on just 18 penalties. A tough event but a good one.


Hard course. Experts: 1 Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 3, 2 Dan Hemingway (Beta) 8, 3 Ben Hemingway (Beta) 9. Inter: William Hoad (Gas Gas) 58. Novices; 1 Bevan Blacker (Gas Gas) 26, 2 Danny Smith (Sherco) 54, 3 Adam Howling (Vertigo) 96. Youth Class A: 1 Harry Hemingway (Beta) 1, 2 George Hemingway (Beta) 18, 3 Harrison Skelton (Scorpa) 93. Youth Class B: 1 Jasper Fox (Beta) 73, 2 Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 134. Clubman A: 1 Sam Yeadon (Honda) 11, 2 John Bannister (Beta) 18, 3 Paul Dennis (Beta) 26. Youth Class A: Henry Stephenson (TRS) 24. Youth Class B: 1 Joshua McParland (Scorpa) 36, 2 Elliott Cock (Vertigo) 50, 3 Arran Sherwin (Beta) 56. Clubman B: 1 Dave Lamin (Vertigo) 18, 2 Robin Luscombe (BSA) 24, 3 Mark Chippendale (Vertigo) 30. Over 40’s: John Hindle (TRS) 72. Over 50’s: 1 1 Howard Gulley (Sherco) 20, 2 Karl Greaves (Vertigo) 29, 3 Mark Yeadon (Beta) 62. Youth Class B: Freddie Stephenson (TRS) 59. Clubman C: Youth Class B: Jimmy Crabtree (Gas Gas) 18. Youth Class C: 1 Bobby Crabtree (Beta) 31, 2 Koby Smith (Beta) 64.

Weekend fixture list.

Ripon M.C. Trial, Kirkby Malzeard, Sunday, 10am.