Richmond Motor Club. Christmas Trial, Swan Farm, Saturday.

RISING stream levels at Swan Farm, Redmire, failed to deter 70 Richmond Motor Club members on Saturday, who contested the annual Christmas Trial.

Event secretary Sandra Fowler did comment that a few riders had taken an unplanned dip in the icy stream.

Six classes rode a ten-section, four-lap route with options on section severity. The main route also featured a yellow flagged section which five of the seven contestants failed to complete. Only three competitors mastered every section without penalty.

Main course riders Paul Wearmouth and Trevor Willans were matched all the way by teenager Callum Fowler, who won Class B Youth from Jamie Rowntree and Charlie Astwood.

Hannah Richardson was placed third in the Clubman class and missed the runner-up award by a single penalty. Crathorne’s conducted route expert Ted Harston supervised the trio of youngsters.


Clubman route: 1 Paul Wearmouth (Montesa) 0, 2 Cris Russell (Montesa) 7, 3 Hannah Richardson (TRS) 8.

Over 40s route: 1 Ian Hall (Beta) 8, 2 Andy Howe (Gas Gas) 13, 3 Mark Whelan (Beta) 13.

Twin Shock and pre-65: 1 Trevor Willans (Honda) 0, 2 Kevin Chapman (Gas Gas) 4, 3 Paul Hayward (Triumph) 11.

Youth Class B: 1 Callum Fowler (Beta) 0, 2 Jamie Rowntree (Beta) 6, 3 Charlie Astwood (Sherco) 13.

Main course yellow deviation:

Clubman: Timothy Harper (Gas Gas) 13.

Class D: Mathew Hall (Beta) 102.

Small Wheels conducted.

Class B: Luke Blackley (Oset) 19 nc.

Class D: Isaac Tiplady (Oset) 26.

Class E: Joseph Larkin (Oset) 32.

Richmond Motor Club is now taking a break until Boxing Day when the annual Eric Ridley Trial will take place at Hurst. The event starts at 10.30am and is open to all classes.