IT'S hard to belief that the Richmond Motor Club have staged youth trials training schools for 30 years.

Those intense, controlled sessions that catered for four year old girls and boys to teenagers, have produced one world champion, and several national trial winners.

Wallsend boy Billy Bolt was intense and hit everything at speed. His father despaired and the instructors shook their collective heads, but Billy is now the world enduro champion and that is some achievement.

Jonathan Richards on also hit the jackpot when he won the Scott Trial. The Skeeby family of girls and Jono all passed through the school and are still active in trials.

Way back in the 1990s Ballowfield at Carperby was the initial launch pad under Phillip Alderson and Gerald Richardson, who are Scott Trial winners, but as the numbers grew the school moved the Cogden Hall at Grinton, where Laurence Allison hosted the trainees.

Laurence Allison

Laurence Allison

His estate of woodlands, gradients and streams provided exactly the right training terrain. When the floods of 2019 hit, members of the Richmond club were on hand to assist in a clear-up operation. The damage list was alarming with an access bridge washed away and acres of grassland littered with boulders.

Meanwhile, the Covid situation has curtailed many activities and Cogden Hall is one of them.

Currently, former pupils Jack and Dan Peace are international Sherco teamsters. Louise Alford is also a national competitor who learnt her skills on the Allison acres. Jonathan Walker is also a KTM enduro expert at the top level.

One man who has worked hard at all Richmond training schools is Crathorne's Ted Harston, who has set out separate trials courses for newcomers and beginners for many years.

Ted Harston, Small Wheels guru

Ted Harston, Small Wheels guru

His patience has brought out the best in his pupils. The Richmond officials will most likely revive the school when the Covid threat lowers, though Cogden Hall was used in the summer months with high pupil numbers.

Wetherby trial axed

The Wetherby Motor Club cancelled the annual Presidents Trial on Friday after reviewing the weather forecasts. With sub-zero temperatures on Saturday plus the snow forecast it was considered that the observers were at risk. The Kingstone Farm venue at Fellbeck features many sections that are exposed to the elements with sparse shelter. At present no re-date has been discussed.

Weekend fixture list


Richmond Motor Club, Trial, Shaw Farm, Redmire. 11.30am.


Consett & D.M.C. Trial, Butsfield Quarry, Stanley, 10.30am.

Scarborough & D.M.C. Jacky Baxter Trial, Low North Park, Harwood Dale, 10.30am.

Bradford Motor Club, Trial, Skyrakes Farm, Skipton. 11am.