A NORTH Yorkshire jockey that was caught speeding and a parent who was fined £1,000 after their child breached Covid regulations were just some of the North Yorkshire residents in court this week.

Andrew Mullen, 37 of Kingfisher Drive, Aiskew in North Yorkshire, was caught speeding over 70 miles per hour in Ingmanthorpe in North Yorkshire.

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Mullen pleaded guilty and was fined £384, however, he was not disqualified as, according to the court listing, it “would impact on his career as a jokey.”

It was also stated however, that his family would suffer exceptional hardship.

Mullen was made to pay £38 to victim services and £90 in court costs and was given three points on his driving licence.

Meanwhile a North Yorkshire estate was fined £22,500 after they failed to ensure that a Kawasaki Mule ATV used by an employee which was not maintained in an efficient state, working order or in good repair.

Camp Hill Limited of Kirklington in Bedale were also charged with failing to ensure the health and safety of an employee due to the use of the all-terrain vehicle and were fined £22,500.

In total the company was fined £45,000 and was made to pay £190 to victim services and £14,412.10 in court costs.

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Also in the courts this week, Mark Alistair Gibson, 45, of Ashlands Road in Northallerton was fined £1,100 after his child failed to comply with Covid-19 regulations.

The fine was issued after the youth was told he was not able to associate in a group of three due to the Coronavirus restrictions at the time.

Gibson was also made to pay £110 to victim services and £85 in court costs and was proved guilty in absence.

Meanwhile, a Harley Mark David Gibson, 17 of Ashland Road, Northallerton was discharged conditionally for six months after trespassing into a school with intent to do unlawful damage to the building  or anything inside the building.

Moreover, he was charged with trespassing into the same school with intent to steal. Gibson was made to pay £17 in court costs and pleaded guilty.

A Christopher Moss, 60, of Langton Road in Malton, \\North Yorkshire, was charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol.

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Moss pleaded guilty and was fined £461 and made to pay £46 to victim services and £85 in costs to the court.


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