WORRIED residents who moved into a showpiece new estate say they had to launch a campaign involving MP Rishi Sunak to get builders Taylor Wimpey to start work on sorting out major concerns.

Householders at Thurstan Park, between Northallerton and Brompton, where builders Taylor Wimpey have built hundreds of homes, were particularly worried about fears over flooding from a culvert, the Stell, which cuts through the middle of the estate, and had flooded last year. There were also complaints that the site had not been finished although the last homes were sold in April, with builders' debris, disintegrating tarmac and landscaping left unfinished. Snagging issues raised by house owners were cancelled or said to have been addressed when they hadn’t been, residents' claimed.

Rachel Smith, who moved in ten months ago, helped to form the residents group, and they were so concerned they eventually called a meeting with Richmond MP Rishi Sunak and Taylor Wimpey. She said assurances have now been given by the builder and work has started.

Ms Smith added: "Until then it was all promise and no delivery. As a resident body we were becoming increasingly disillusioned and frustrated about the ongoing lack of care and support provided by Taylor Wimpey. It is about getting the Stell up to standard, there were problems last winter. With little or no maintenance on the Stell there was more and more vegetation growing, within three or four years there wouldn’t have been a culvert. We also want to see the site finished."

Snagging issues included leaking plumbing and cold bedrooms above garages needing better insulation and larger radiators, tarmac on drives deteriorating within weeks of moving in with Taylor Wimpy accepting it was an issue yet closing the case with no action taken, front doors needing replacing and locks not working or sticking intermittently.

Residents said Taylor Wimpy expected to complete between 13,200 and 14,000 houses across the UK in 2021, reaching an operating profit for the year of around £820m, £520m more than last year.

Ms Smith said: "This is our home, it’s a really nice place to live, I think our campaign has brought many residents together, but these things needed to be sorted out. We want to give Taylor Wimpy credit for taking action, but we will be closely monitoring how the work is going."

A spokesperson for Taylor Wimpey said a programme of work including resurfacing of the roads, has been finalised and is now underway and all outstanding work which falls under the responsibility of Taylor Wimpey, including that to the culvert, is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The spokesperson added: "We are aware of concerns from residents at Thurstan Park and apologise for any inconvenience caused as we work to complete the development in line with our obligations.

"We are committed to completing any outstanding work at the earliest opportunity and we remain in close contact with residents who have reported issues with their homes. Customer satisfaction is a priority for Taylor Wimpey and we will take appropriate action to resolve any outstanding problems."