Ripon Motor Club, Halloween Trial, Fellbeck, Sunday.

THE adverse weather forecast for Sunday did not deter 120 competitors, many complete with Halloween clothing, from heading for the Shepherd farm at Fellbeck.

The rain was torrential until it abated about noon. Despite the weather, the 12 sections took in Burtons and Top Craggs with six more sections adjacent to the farm buildings. The pristine grassy acres normally used as parc ferme were well and truly churned up. It will take weeks to get the ruts filled in.

On the hard route only one name hit the headlines – Harry Hemingway who got his Beta round on 12 with a clean lap. Brother George dropped out when his Beta throttle cable snapped.

Sheffield member Jordan Potter topped the adult hard course on 12, ten of which were on lap one, which bettered Elliott Laws and Danny Gamble. Aran Drachenberg closed on the leaders with a two and three score on his final laps. Phillip Hammond goes well in the mud and a two score was a hot ride, especially with Howard Gulley and a recovered Neil Gaunt back in the fray after his rib breaking session in the Travers Trial.

Jack Vasey’s precise riding won him the youth class from George Hird and Jack Bennett, though the latter looks better with every trial.

The easy route could have yielded four winners. David Lamin headed William Wood, Chris Laws and Josh Snowden. The scores were 1-1-1-2. A close call. Otley’s Jimmy Crabtree managed what no other competitor achieved, riding the entire class course without a fault.


Adult course: 1 Jordan Potter (Vertigo) 12, 2 Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 15, 3 Danny Gamble (Beta) 18.

Youths: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 8. 2 Josh McParland (Scorpa) 67. 3 Ted Storrow (Gas Gas) 108.

Green course: 1 Phil Hammond (Sherco) 2, 2 Howard Gulley (Sherco) 3, 3 Neil Gaunt (Beta) 7.

Youths: 1 Jack Vasey (Beta) 24, 2 George Hird (Sherco) 25, 3 Jack Bennett (TRS) 41.

Easy course: 1 David Lamin (Vertigo) 1, 2 William Wood (Beta) 2, 3 Chris Laws (Vertigo) 2.

Youths: 1 Jimmy Crabtree (Gas Gas) 0, 2 Bobby Crabtree (Beta) 29, 3 Will Slater (Beta) 61.

Sunday fixture list

Wetherby & D.M.C. Stan Cox Memorial Trial, Bayliss Gap Farm, Bewerley, 10.30am. Watch for a venue change if wet.

Darlington & D.M.C. Trial, The Woodyard, Reeth, 11am.

Bradford & D.M.C. Trial, Redmire Farm, Buckden, 11am