THE MOTHER of a North Yorkshire teenager joined the mum of the teenager who sold her daughter the drugs that killed her on ITV’s This Morning.

Kerry Elwin, from Northallerton, appeared on the morning show to speak about the death of 15-year-old Leah, who died after taking MDMA in the Applegarth car park in Northallerton.

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Leah, who was described as a “thoughtful and beautiful girl” by her mother Kerry Roberts, collapsed in the Applegarth car park shortly after taking the drug at 9.30pm.

On Tuesday May 28 2019, more than 100 of Leah’s close family and friends gathered at the All Saints Church in Northallerton for her funeral.

Dozens of passersby and shop owners came out to pay their respects as Leah’s family gathered outside.

It was reported early this month that Kerry Roberts had struck an “unlikely” friendship with the mum of the youth who supplied the fatal drug.

Kerry Roberts and Tammy Kirkwood are working together on the Do You Know MDMA campaign to highlight the fatal risks of so called “party drugs”.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, when asked how Kerry felt about drugs being the cause of Leah’s death, Kerry said: “I was angry with her, I thought why would she do this, now I think she was just ignorant, she was naïve.

“She was 15 and MDMA was classed as a party drug, at 15 you hear party and you think of fun and I think she’d seen people do it and she just thought she was going to be having a bit of fun on the Saturday night.”

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Tammy Kirkwood, when asked how she felt when she realised her son was linked to Leah’s death, said: “A nightmare, you just go numb because you just think, how can my child be part of this.

“I was angry because I was already yelling at social services, yelling at police, I called the police on my own son many times and didn’t get the support we needed.

“I was disappointed things couldn’t be put in place.”

When asked how she can join forces with Tammy after what happened, Kerry said: “I understand how people think that and I thought, why do I want to meet this lady.

“It was first talked about with the Crime Commissioner and we were first introduced through restorative justice.

 “We had a lot of meetings with them individually and I thought, why do I want to meet her, why do I want to meet her and I was assured it would make me feel better.

“And it did, and I realised we are two Mums and we are victims in different ways.

When asked if she was nervous to meet Kerry, Tammy said: “I was very nervous because I had a lot of guilt.

“To me I was the drug dealers Mum, scum of the earth, didn’t have control of your child, really nervous.

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“But we just sat down and I think restorative justice did really well, we talked about once a week and they just made it our story to tell each other.”

Kerry is now campaigning for a new law to protect young people from drug dealers called Leah’s Law which would make it a specific offence to supply drugs to children under 16.

So far more than 4,500 people have signed the petition the petition which aims to persuade the government to look at changing the law.

On the petition Kerry said: “I want to see a change in the law to make clear that any person under the age of 16 cannot consent of taking illegal substances.

“This will have a pronged effect in keeping young people safe but also holding those who supply accountable for death and serious injury as a result.”

You can watch the full interview below.


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