A COUNTRY estate has applied for planning permission to develop a hay barn into a microbrewery and add and extension for a woodchip store, storage and biomass boiler.

Wardell Armstrong LLP has been instructed by the Middleton Lodge Estate to submit the application to Richmondshire District Council.

The area currently used as the hay barn would be repurposed and converted into a microbrewery.

This would enable the Estate to offer its guests with alcoholic beverages that have been locally produced and which therefore have a low carbon footprint. As one elevation of the hay barn is open, it is proposed that a wall is built using locally sourced limestone and Yorkshire boarding to match the other existing shed walls.

The biomass boiler would allow the Estate to provide a high quality and comfortable indoor environment for its guests, whilst minimising its impact on the environment.

The proposed micro-brewery would complement the leisure and hospitality offer already available at the Estate.

This would also result in increased rural employment, as well as benefitting local supply chains associated with the production of local beer.