West Leeds Motor Club Trials UK White Rose Trial, Sunday.

SIXTY years on and the White Rose Trial blooms again. It was originally the idea of two West Leeds Motor Club members, who aimed to stage a trial away from just about everything and everybody.

Those two men journeyed more than 50 miles to explore the moors south of the tourist haven of Hawes, examining land east of the famed Ribblehead Viaduct, walking the Cam High Road where the trial is based.

Sections were located either side of the Ribblehead to Hawes road. The remains of Kate's Cottage still stand as a testimony. Back on Sunday were Widdale, Sheep Dip, and Gritstones – where winner Richard Sadler incurred his first penalties, as did Jack Challoner and Guy Kendrew.

Lakelander Richard Gaskell dabbed his way to the top spot on just an 11 score. A dab in Sheep Dip, fourth on the route then Snaizeholme, where four dabs were recorded. His run through the Oughtershaw group was good until the final section where he footed out. That loss allowed Roger Williams to home in but Gaskell cleaned the final six sections.

Sixty six riders contested the class. The Clubman class also hit big numbers with 59 starters. Glen Scholey rode his mint Honda to victory over Scunthorpe's Simon Hirst and Lochaber visitor Mike Fothergill.


White Rose course: 1 Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 5, 2 Jack Challoner (Montesa) 8, 3 Andrew Chilton (Scorpa) 10, 4 Dan Thorpe (JSM Gas Gas) 23, 5 Chris Pearson (Sherco) 27, 6 Guy Kendrew (Gas Gas) 28. 50-50 course: 1 Richard Gaskell (Beta) 11, 2 Roger Williams (Trials) 15, 3 Richard Fraser (Sherco) 19, 4 Ben Ludgate, (Beta) 20, 5 Thomas Fraser (Gas Gas) 21 mc, 6 Andrew Carter (Montesa) 21. Clubman course: 1 Glen Scholey (Honda) 11, 2 Simon Hirst (Honda) 15, 3 Mike Fothergill (Montesa) 20, 4 Mathew Baldwin (TRS) 21, 5 John Cornall (Vertigo) 23, 6 Alan MacDonald (Montesa) 25.