PUPILS at a North Yorkshire Primary School helped bring the community together through a creative art project linked to a town's transformative treadmills development.

The "Imaginosity" project, created by pupils at Northallerton Primary School, celebrates imagination and freedom of expression and is supported by leading developer Wykeland Group and Hambleton District Council.

The project was launched in 2018 with the aim to improve the imaginations of children at Mill Hill community Primary School, which is just yards from the Treadmill site.

The focus of the project was on the themes of blooming and flourishing and a group of 14 young "art ambassadors" from the school were selected to lead the project.

Elaine Burke, Wykeland's Community Engagement Consultant who manages the ongoing project, said: "Imaginosity really came into its own this year and the theme of flowers and blooming was perfect in the midst of such a difficult time.