Ripon Motor Club. Round five Rock & Hop Trial, Braisty Woods, Summerbridge, Saturday.

NO rocking and hopping was required for Kirkby Malzeard trialler Dave Mawer at the Ripon Motor Club's fifth Rock and Hop trial at Braisty Woods, high above the Nidderdale village of Summerbridge.

Dave managed to ride all 14 sections three times without incurring a single penalty. He won the hard route class, just, from Scorton teenager Elliott Laws, who lost a single mark in section eight on lap two. Barnoldswick engineer Anthony Ayrton was third on double figures (ten). His 16-year-daughter Lucy battled with a hard course.

The top youth was Ben Hodgson, who finished overall fourth, well clear of Jacob Reeday. Beta retailer Paul Sadler escaped from his office to win the Green class from Phil Hammond and Rob Hardisty.

The club ran 115 competitors in the main classes. One notable name and class winner was Silsden 11-year-old Max Lampkin, son of James and grandson of Alan 'Sid' Lampkin. Despite some rain the woodland, just south of Brimham Rocks, provided a top class event. Parts of the area were used about 20 years ago.


Hard Course: Novices: Dave Mawer (Vertigo) 0, Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 1, Anthony Ayrton (Montesa) 2. Class A: Ben Hodgson (TRS) 16, Harry Mugridge (Gas Gas) 37, Dan Hodgson (Beta) 42. Class B: Jacob Reeday (Beta) 34, Josh McPartland (Scorpa) 36, Arran Sherwin (Beta) 54. Green course. Novices: Paul Sadler (Beta) 3, Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 4, Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 8. Class B: Fraser Proudlock (Gas Gas) 15, Oliver Wright (Beta) 42, Sam Chapman (Vertigo) 46.

Easy course. Novices: Chris Dale (Beta) 0, Ian Hall (Fantic) 1, Adrian Thwaite (Gas Gas) 1. Class A: 1 Maisie Townson (Beta) 159. Class B: 1 Joel Thwaite (TRS) 14, Callum Edmondson (Beta) 25, Leuan Tomos Parsons (Beta) 71. Class C: 1 Max Lampkin (Beta) 9, Matthew Hall (Beta) 115, Alanna Eageton (Beta) 159. #

Small Wheels. Hard route: Class C: 1 Sam Ethell 8, Bailey Huntbach 18, Will Ethell 32, (all Beta). Class D: 1 Alfie Astwood (Beta). Easy route. Class C: 1 Jack Slater (|Beta) 16, Evie -Rae Edmundson (Oset) 17, Elijah Kitching (Oset) 27. Class D: 1 Joshua Tate (Oset) 4, Joshua Phillips (Oset) 24, William Hemingway (Beta) 33. Class E: William Nicholson (Oset) 43, Callum Crockford (Beta) 95.

Darlington Motor Club trial results from Sunday will be delayed due to changes in the club's results computer operator change. Full results and report will be published next week.

Reeth One Day Trial.

IT may have slimmed down from three days to one, but the annual Reeth Three Trial has again attracted a massive entry. The trial brings in competitors and hundreds of spectators. With the pandemic still raging the spectators will bring in revenue that sadly has been lacking. The competitor list is just under 190.

Under the control of Matt Maynard, the entire trials course is on Hurst Moor so the totally off-road event is now open to youngsters, who have jumped at the opportunity of riding half a Scott Trial – 19 are listed. Having scanned the seven-page entry list, the names that will make an impression are Richard Sadler, Rob Waite, Jack Stones, Chris and Louise Alford, Daniel Hole, brothers Edward and Will Storrow, Healaugh's Katy Sunter and her husband Dan Thorpe. Add in Sam Yeadon, Elliott Laws, Mark Sunter, John Crinson, Ryan Brown, Glen Quinn, Danny Gamble. And the potential winners – 15-year-old Harry Hemingway and his 13-year-old brother George. The East Keswick boys are another planet at national and international level.

Saturday fixture: A.C.U. Belle Trailers Ladies & Girls Trial Championship, Hook Woods, 9.30am.

Sunday fixture: Richmond Motor Club, Reeth One Day Trial, The Woodyard, Reeth, 10am.