A CHANCE conversation led to a Leyburn artist both donating a painting and being appointed artist in residence to the Wensleydale Railway.

Whilst working in her studio and shop in Leyburn, artist Lynn Ward was chatting with a customer who was also a volunteer on the Wensleydale Railway. This led to her being commissioned to paint an official picture of Bedale Railway Station.

The heritage line was so pleased with her work they appointed her artist in residence. Her first act in the new role was to create a painting of Leyburn Railway Station with steam locomotive J27 arriving at the station. The work features volunteer Bernard Morris, resplendent in his period stationmaster’s uniform.

At a meeting of Leyburn’s team of railway volunteers held on the platform, Ms Ward handed the painting to Mr Morris. It will have pride of place in the station.

Chairman Guy Loveridge said: “We are really grateful to Lynn for her generous gift and are looking forward to her involvement with Wensleydale Railway as artist in residence.”

Over the coming months, workshops and opportunities to paint, draw or observe on the railway with the artist in residence will be advertised via the Wensleydale Railway.

At present the line is operating an hourly service on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays between Bedale, Leeming Bar and Scruton stations. For information see www. wensleydale-railway.co.uk