ALMOST 130 Stokesley School students entered the Stokesley and Ayton FairTrade Essay Competition to explore purposes and effects of FairTrade.

The local FairTrade group offered the competition to years seven to nine with prizes of £30, £20 and £10 for the best three essays. Sally Chaplain, from the FairTrade group, said “It was inspiring to see the good standard of all the student entries. Our group appreciated the enthusiastic and effective engagement of Mr Jones, the Stokesley School teacher, who was terrific for us to work with in promoting the essay writing.”

Val Sonley from the group said “Essay writing helped the students engage with the FairTrade issues.” Stokesley and Ayton Co-op stores donated 45 large bars of FairTrade chocolate to 45 runners up. Laura Sanderson from Springfield Co-op said: “It’s been great to get young people involved in FairTrade, to which the Co-op is very committed.”

The winner of the £10 book token, Kate Ridley added: “It made us think a lot more about FairTrade.”

Cara Jones, winner of the £20 book token prize noted: “It was nice to learn about what other people deal with, how easy our lives are and how FairTrade makes the difference.”