Ripon Motor Club. Summer Series trial three, Low Skelding, Saturday.

THE Ripon club returned to Low Skelding Farm on Saturday afternoon when the action was slow speed trialling for all ages. Danny Gamble and Elliott Laws topped the results, or at least kept company with the others.

Out of the 101 starters, seven competitors turned in faultless scores. On the green course Guy Chapman, Chris Laws and Rob Hardisty recorded a zero. Garden machinery engineer Michael Platts dug out a pristine Honda and recorded yet another penalty free ride, while Ashley Pulman and John Ellis went down the tiebreaker route. Ashley got it on farthest clean. It was gratifying to watch eleven small wheelers in action prior to the main event.

The small wheels entries have shrunk in some parts of Yorkshire but the boys and girls were on show on Saturday. Bailey Huntbach and Jack Slater topped the classes. Some of the Class C and Class D boys were really giving their bikes a hard time.


Hard course Experts: 1 Danny Gamble (Beta) 0. Novices: 1 Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 0, 2 Anthony Ayrton (Montesa) 9, 3 Richard Pulman (Scorpa) 10. Youths: Class A: 1 Harry Mugridge (Gas Gas) 15, 2 Josh Pearson (Vertigo) 35, 3 Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 80. Class B: 1 Alfie Royle (Beta) 24, 2 Arran Sherwin (Beta) 50, 3 Elliott Cock (Vertigo) 51. Green course: 1 Guy Chapman (Vertigo)/ Chris Laws (Vertigo)/Robert Hardisty (Sherco) 0, 2 Leigh Smith (Vertigo) 1.

Youths: Sam Chapman (Vertigo) 36, 2 Jamie Graeme (Beta) 46. Easy course: Novices: 1 Michael Platts (Honda) 0, 2 Ashley Pulman (Scorpa) 1 fc, 3 John Ellis (Fantic) 1

Youths: Class A: Maisie Townson (Beta) 93. Class B: 1 Callum Edmundson (Beta) 23, 2 Bea Royle (Beta) 54. Class C: 1 Max Lampkin Beta) 18.

Small Wheels hard route: Class B: Alex Metcalfe (Beta) 50. Class C: 1 Bailey Huntbach (Beta) 12, 2 Will Ethell (Beta) 17, 2 Sam Ethell (Beta) 26. Youth D: Alfie Astwood (Beta) 12.

Easy route. Class C: 1 Jack Slater (Beta) 6, 2 Eilijah Kitchen (Oset) 10, 3 Evie-Rae Edmondson (Oset) 20. Youth D: 1 Ashley Pulman (Mecatecno) 11, 2 Jack Lowe (Beta) 11, 3 Joshua Tate (Oset) 12.Youth E: William Nicholson (Oset) 44.

Richmond Motor Club. Crabtree Farm Trial, Gilling West, Sunday.

FARMER Stan Willis hosted the Richmond Motor Club's easy trial on Sunday where 60 club members enjoyed a balanced and testing event, The terrain featured grassy climbs and shallow streams. Eight classes were supervised by officials.

Katie Astwood controlled the Small Wheels youngsters, where her son Alfie won his class. The main trial course was plotted by Andrew Swanston, Nic Royle and Les Clarkson. Fourteen riders competed on the Clubman course, which was won by Paul Astwood, who lost just four marks. Simon Williamson rode a very early Montesa 315 which has become a collector's item. Hawes youngster Bailey Huntbach won the Class D overseen by relative and Skeeby tough trialler Will Reynold, who spends his working time at the wheel of an E Reynolds heavy goods vehicle.


Main course. Clubmen: 1 Paul Astwood (Gas Gas) 4, 2 James Richardson (Beta) 12, 3 Will Storrow (EVA) 12. Over 40s: 1 Simon Williamson (Montesa) 1, 2 Graham Bayles (Sherco) 4 , 3 Chris Ridley (Beta) 9. Twin Shock: 1 Kevin Chapman (Triumph) 15, 2 Stephen Watling (SWM) 19, 3 Steven Ainslie (James) 10. Youth Class A: 1 Francis Nicholson |(Beta) 4, 2 Amber Richardson (Beta) 24, 3 Oliver Watling (Beta) 26. Youth Class B: 1 Alfie Royle (Beta) 1, 2 Ted Storrow (Gas Gas) 9, 3 Monte Andrew (Beta) 10. Main course easy exit. Class BE: Bea Royle (Beta) 12. Class DH: 1 Bailey Huntbach (Gas Gas) 31, 2 Matthew Walton (Beta) 34. Conducted course: 1 Alfie Astwood 1, 2 Jack Wallace 10, 3 Isaac Tiplady (All Beta) 28.

Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club. Restricted non-championship trial, Cockhill Mines, Sunday.

FORTY NINE Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club trials competitors braved the Cockhill Mines "motorway" on Sunday to ride the non-championship trial in the long-disused lead mines.

The mile long descent from Greenhow village is notorious for being a crankcase basher, but the ten section trials course, laid out by Danny Cockshott, suited all classes, especially hard course winner Richard Sadler who rode his Vertigo through every section, bar the third, without fault, where on the final lap the Leyburn joiner incurred a one mark penalty.

The course centred on the western end of the mines. The east end where the stream bed which is almost green with slime was not included. The poor Small Wheels entry had sections near the paddock and Nicola's butty van. Only six youngsters entered. Arran Drachenberg was the most voluble and his son Alfie headed regular winner Koby Smith but only by a couple of penalties.

Elliott Laws kept Sadler on his toes and was only five short at the final count. Clubman A was tight scoring affair with Alan Mudd heading a single count for the top three. Neil Gaunt cleaned Clubman B with Ian Haigh. Verdict-good weather, and good sections, well marked.


Championship course: 1 Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 1, 2 Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 6, 3 Danny Cockshott (Vertigo) 22.

Youth Class A: Henry Stephenson (TRS) 35.

Youth Class B: 1 Jasper Fox (Beta) 44, 2 Aaron Holmes (Gas Gas) 50, 3 Harrison Skelton (Scorpa) 75.

Clubman A: 1 Alan Mudd (Beta) 14, 2 Errol Brown (Vertigo) 15, 3 Thomas Jackson (TRS) 16.

Youth Class B: 1 Charlie Crossland (Beta) 31, 2 Arron Sherwin (Beta) 47.

Clubman B: 1 Neil Gaunt (Beta) 0, 2 Ian Haigh (TRS) 4. 3 Chris Laws (Vertigo) 5.

Youth B: 1 Josh McParland (Scorpa) 9mc, 2 Elliott Cock (Vertigo) 15, Freddie Stephenson (TRS) 40.

Small Wheels hard course: 1 Aran Drachenberg (Beta) 22, 2 Koby Smith (Beta) 30.

Middle course: Aiden Richardson (Oset)33, 2 Alanna Eagleton (Beta) 45.

Easy course: Jacob Smith (Beta) 4.

Weekend Fixture List.

Sunday: Richmond Motor Club, Kidstones Trial. Bishopdale, 10.30am; West Leeds M.C.C Trial, Halton Gill, 11am. Pickering M.C. No stop easy trial Kilburn Grange, 11am.