A FIRM specialising in luxury kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and home offices is celebrating its 20th anninversary.

Ripon Interiors, based in Boroughbridge Road, Ripon, was launched by the three directors – Graeme Borchard, Andrew Boddy and Peter Gregg.

Since acquiring the business in 2001, the directors have used their combined expertise and knowledge to redesign Ripon Interiors by supplying the best brands at the right prices to both trade and private customers.

While Covid-19 has had many effects on businesses, lifestyles and the UK economy over the last 12 months, the firm has continued to buck the economic trend.

Graeme said: “We have seen Covid-19 and numerous lockdowns biting and, make no mistake, the last 12 months have hit us hard, but what we have done is adapted to the market and developed our business model to suit, working remotely with our customers wherever possible.

"We’ve worked closely with our suppliers to provide accurate supply chains and better value solutions to all of our customers from builders, developers, architects and the individual while still maintaining the brand and quality.

“We are continually securing new customers and there are also lots of loyal customers who keep coming back to us. We find that reputation is everything and most of our work comes through recommendations. You only get that if you do a good job for people, and as a team we work extremely hard to ensure that we always do our best.”

Originally called RBS Interiors and operating for more than nine years, Andrew Boddy helped to develop the business as a premier bathroom and kitchen showroom.

In 2001, Graeme Borchard and Peter Gregg became equal partners in the company, renaming it Ripon Interiors Ltd. Graeme brought a knowledge of developing and commercial contracting to the mix, focusing his efforts towards the trade side of the company. While Peter, with 15 years' experience as a cabinet maker, designing, hand-making and installing kitchens, concentrated on developing the kitchen side.

Client numbers have grown impressively when compared to the company’s first full year of trading and today’s smart showroom environment showcases leading British and international kitchen, bathroom and bedroom brands and accessories.

A team of design consultants continue to push the boundaries of interior design, remaining one step ahead of the market, with intelligent solutions that stand the test of time.

Graeme said: “The fact that we have been able to continue planning and designing interiors for our customers using state of the art 3D technology throughout the lockdowns, has meant that we are coming out of this period, just as strong, if not stronger and the future looks positive.”

He said they are delighted to be celebrating their 20th anniversary and will be sharing the celebration later this year with a planned family fun day for their team and suppliers.

For more information, visit www.riponinteriors.co.uk.