THE team at Robinson's Equiteach were delighted to hold their first outdoor show of the season at Tunstall Farm in Nunthorpe on Bank Holiday Monday.

Both ridden and in hand classes were very well supported, running across two rings throughout the whole day. The sun shone, horses and ponies were well behaved and a lovely day was enjoyed by all.


Class 1 Tack & Turnout: 1 M Blackmore (Angel), 2 E Carmen (Brandy), 3 W Tate (Taz);

Class 2 Novice In hand: 1 L Rose (Boroughs Doorman) & G Mathers (Blue), 2 D O'Brien (Tobias Galloway) & H O'Brien ( Ace of Spades), 3 A Emms (Duchess), 4 L Allen (RSPCA Colin), 5 C Biffen (Griffen);

Class 3 Novice Handler: 1 H O'Brien (Ace of Spades) & G Mathers (Blue), 2 H Tate (Taz) & P Smale (Earnwell Hugo), 3 M Blackmore (Angel), 4 A Hughes (Sleights Con Artist), 5 L Cunningham (Prince);

Class 4 Young Handler: 1 J Hooper (Bucklass Homer), 2 G Mathers (Blue), 3 K Lewis (Midnight Runner), 4 D O'Brien (Tobias Galloway) 5 E Carmen (Brandy);

Class 5 Open Handler: 1 L Dalgarno (Kelano Precious Pandora), 2T Hopkins (Ridgelane Raven), 3 H Marsden (Waitwith Selwyn);

Class 6 In Hand Rescue: 1 L Allen (RSPCA Colin), 2 L Humphreys (FSH Larry), 3 C Hardwick (FSH Sheldon), 4 R Brown (Okey Dokey);

Class 7 Best Condition: 1 L Dalgarno (Kelano Precious Pandora), 2 L Buxton (Saltcreek Sundown), 3 M Blackmore (Angel); In hand Championship Ring 1: Champion L Dagerno (Kelano Precious Pandora), Reserve Champion L Rose (Boroughs Doorman);

Class 8 Novice Ridden Lead Rein: 1 F Breckon (Clyde), 2 A Loveridge (Violet), 3 W Tate (Taz); Novice Ridden Open: 1 B Hill (Flynn), 2 L Humphreys (FSH Larry), 3 A Emms (Duchess), 4 C Malcomson (Dublins Son of a Gun), 5 L Rose (Borough's Doorman);

Class 9 Novice Rider Junior: 1 M Barker (Stanley Grange Piccadilly), 2 F Breckon (Clyde), 3 J Loveridge (Bubbles), 4 H Tate (Taz); Novice Rider Open: 1 L Pearson (Appleton Hot Toddy), 2 N Sivills (Caine), 3 C Thompson (Peter Pan), 4 J Leech (Jasper), 5 K Worral (Midnight Star);

Class 10 Rescue Ridden : 1 B Murphy (BHS Patrick), 2 S Wiliams (FSH Winston);

Class 11 Promising Combination Lead Rein: 1 F Breckon (Clyde), 2 A Loveridge (Violet), 3J Loveridge (Bubbles); Promising Combination Open: 1 L Humphreys (FSH Larry), 2 M Barker (Stanley Grange Picadilly), 3 A Emms (Duchess), 4 K Worrall (Midnight Star), 5 J Proctor (Haighmoor High Flyer);

Class 12 PC/RC: 1 E Clements (Mirage), 2 B Murphy (BHS Patrick), 3 L Pearson (Appleton Hot Toddy), 4 C Readman (Galway), 5 J Hooper (Bucklass Homer);

Class 13 Best Combination Lead Rein : 1 E Carmen (Brandy), 2 E Coates (Hawsker Nimbus), Best Combination Open : 1 J Wilson (Little Tinkerman), 2 B Hill (Flynn), 3 S Lacey (Drumree Wings), 4 E Clements (Mirage), 5 K Skinner (Pull Your Socks Up);

Class 14 Ridden Gelding: 1 J Hooper (Bucklass Homer), 2 M Barker (Stanley Grange Picadilly), 3 K Worrall (Midnight Star);

Class 15 Ridden Mare:1 J Bowles (Panda), 2 B Hyde (Darcy); Ring 1 Ridden Championship: Champion J Wilson (Little Tinkerman) Reserve Champion B Hill (Flynn) Ring 2

Class 16 Youngstock: 1 R Beeston-Delap ( Roslay Toy Soldier), 2 P Smale (Earnwell Hugo), 3 C Biffen (Griffen), 4 H Marsden (Waitwith Selwyn), 5 T Hopkins (Ridgelane Raven);

Class 17 Veteran In Hand : 1 C Thwaite(Lorendale Thomas), 2 L Dixon (Sammy Dougal); Class 18 M&M Small Breeds In Hand: 1 H Marsden (Waitwith Selwyn), 2 M Hill (Frankie), 3 J Carvath (Violet Limencello Joy), 4 L Cunningham (Prince), M&M Large Breeds In Hand: 1 J Proctor (Haighmoor High Flyer), 2 P Smale (Earnwell Hugo), 3 C Biffen (Griffen), 4 T Hopkins (Ridgelane Raven), 5 S Lacey (Drumree Wings);

Class 19 Solid Colour In Hand: 1 L Humphreys (FSH Larry);

Class 20 Coloured Cob In Hand: 1 J Carveth (Violet Limencello Joy), 2 CMalcomson (Dublins Son of a Gunn), 3 L Rose (Boroughs Doorman);

Class 21 Coloured Non-Native In Hand: 1 L Buxton (Saltcreek Sundown), 2 A Emms (Duchess);

Class 22 Foreign/Part Bred In Hand : 1 L Dalgarno (Kelana Precious Pandora) 2 R Beeston-Deelap (Roslay Toy Soldier), 3 L Buxron ( Saltcreek Sundown), 4 B Hyde (Darcy);

Class 23 Hunter/Thoroughbred In Hand: 1 J Acklam (Barrybolger Memory man), 2 A Webster (Diamond Frontier), 3 M Wood (Juninho) Ring 2 In Hand Championship: Champion J Proctor (Haighmoor High Flyer), Reserve Champion L Dalgarno (Kelana Precious Pandora);

Class 24 Veteran Ridden: 1 A Webster (Diamond Frontier), 2 E Smaling (Reklif Envoy), 3 C Thwaite (Lorendale Thomas), 4 K Harrison (Max), 5 E Carmen (Brandy);

Class 25 M&M Ridden: 1 M Hill (Frankie), 2 S Lacey (Drumree Wings), 3 E Smaling (Reklif Envoy), 4 C Thwaite (Lorendale Thomas), 5 D Sivills (Caine);

Class 26 Foreign/ Part Bred Ridden: 1 L Fletcher (Sweet Pea), 2 B Hyde (Darcy), 3 S Wheeler (Southfield Bill);

Class 27: Hunter/Thoroughbred: 1 L Fletcher (Sweet Pea), 2 A Webster (Diamond Frontier), 3 L Wilson (Graceful Favour), 4 A Emms (Duchess), 5 C Readman (Galway);

Class 29 Coloured Cob Ridden: 1 J Wison (Littke Tinkerman), 2 K Skinner (Pull Your Socks Up), 3 C Malcomson (Dublins Son of a Gun), L Kirwen (Marbella);

Class 30 Coloured Non-Native: 1 E Clements (Mirage), 2 J Bowles (FSH Panda), 3 A Emms (Duchess), 4 A Loveridge (Violet): Ring 2 Ridden Championship: Champion M Hill (Frankie) Reserve Champion J Wilson (LittleTinkerman)