A LOCAL artist and musician has been busy during the lockdown months indulging in his various artistic passions – most recently handing over his latest commission to a very satisfied customer.

The painting by John Hunter included a portrait of the local lady’s late father along with many of the aircraft he flew during a long career in the RAF.

John said: “Most commissions require a good deal of research to ensure that everything depicted is as accurate as possible.

"In this case, the use of the actual pilot’s log helped with small details."

John was able to recruit the help of his fellow Guild of Aviation Art members in checking the finer details, including an almost forgotten world tour, which the airman had undertaken in 1959.

He said: “It was logged that he and his crew ‘flew around the world in 43 days – 29,000 miles’ on some sort of promotional mission for the RAF's latest radar equipment. Amusingly, it was in an already ‘obsolete’ Shackleton aircraft – basically a late model Lancaster from the Second World War!”

John, from Grinton, along with wife, Jane, have also recently written the script for a play to be performed at Richmond Station in November, as part of the 950 celebrations.

John said: “Our good friend Charlotte, who runs the award-winning CJ dancing school based at The Station, expressed the intention of presenting a wartime-themed ‘dinner show’ and realised we had many years of experience performing at wartime events.

"Eventually, I was asked to write the full script and arrange the wartime music to be performed within the play, which will be accompanied live by my Good Vibes trio.

"We have been able to recruit several top local singers whom we have enjoyed working with many times over the last five years.”

As musical performances have been sorely lacking this last year, John and Jane are looking forward to returning to the stage as both authors and performers.

The immersive show will be performed on two evenings Friday, November 12, and Saturday, November 13. Tickets for The Stationmaster are now available from The Station, Richmond.