KAREN JOBLING, of Richmond Golf Club, won Best Gross at the Yorkshire Vets Championship, held at Oakdale April 27-29, yet another fantastic achievement.

After finishing with the best gross, Karen won her first round of the knock out match play but then lost on the 20th hole in the quarter finals

Following this, on Friday, May 7, she became the Yorkshire Ladies County Seniors Champion after 36 holes of stroke play at Ilkley Golf Club and came T9 in the County Championship Qualifier, which includes all the youngsters.

She came up against Emma Brown, three-time Curtis Cup player, in the first round of the knock out match play but managed to take her all the way to the 17th hole.

Also on Friday, May 7, Richmond hosted the Teesside Union of Golf Clubs Presidents Trophy – a significant golfing event made more special with the president, John Simpson, being a past captain and current member of the club.

John said: “I’m very happy that Richmond Golf Club allowed the Presidents Trophy to be played at my home club and obviously delighted that nearly 200 golfers from every corner of Teesside were brought together by the Teesside Union.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we were unable to host the event last year, and this year it was played under the England Golf ‘Play Safe/Stay Safe’ rules.

“I’d like to thank the Teesside Union officials for administering the event, to the greens staff, board, catering and bar staff at Richmond for presenting the course and facilities in such splendid condition, and the band of volunteers who helped in the car park.

Sean Tranter & Adam Bell (Teesside Golf Club), John Simpson & Guy Pini (RGC) and David Jeffcock (Teesside Union)

Sean Tranter & Adam Bell (Teesside Golf Club), John Simpson & Guy Pini (RGC) and David Jeffcock (Teesside Union)

“Richmond has been my club for 35 years and has grown in stature with the award of Women-in-Golf Chartership to bring new ladies and girls into golf, SafeGolf to ensure children can play golf in a safe environment, and now the home of the Graeme Storm Golf Academy.

“We’d be delighted to welcome new members and visitors to our great golf club.”

The winners of the day were Richmond members Chris Lightfoot and Brook Watson, who posted an excellent score of 46 Stableford points.

Presidents Trophy results: 1. C. Lightfoot & B. Watson (Richmond) 46, 2. I. Rookes & S. Mead (Richmond) 45, 3. J. Walker & G. Catt (Richmond) 44, 4. E. Garbutt & T. McDonald (Billingham) 43, 5. M. Purcifer & S. Garbutt (Billingham) 43


Ladies: Medal 2 (May 5): 1. Sarah Calvert 69, 2. Claire Bateman 71, 3. Karen Jobling 73. Philpott Trophy (May 9) 1. Elaine Wood 35, 2. Sarah Calvert 33, 3. Lesley Calvert 33.

Toffs: Whisky Trail (May 4): Division 1: 1. John Newbury 35, 2. David Maude 34, 3. Peter Curtis 32 pts. Division 2: 1. Tom Lough 41, 2. Steve Morris 37, 3. David Fishburn 36.