IN May 2020 Here4Horses, a County Durham-based equine charity, was granted charitable status and a year later to mark the occasion, a dressage competition, hosted by Claire Robinson of Robinson’s Equiteach, was held at Tunstall Farm in Nunthorpe.

With a total of 77 entries, classes ran across both Saturday and Sunday of the May Bank Holiday weekend.

Besides rescuing, rehabilitating and educating the public about the care of horses, this charity works closely with the RSPCA and currently has 40 equines in its care, as well as having helped many more over the last three years.

Chair of trustees Dr Nicola Endersby said that once a horse or pony is taken into the charity's care, Here4Horses will always retain ownership, so even those who move on to new homes can never be sold, or gifted to anyone else.

A lot has happened for Here4Horses over the last 12 months. The charity has gained a new president in County Durham-born television presenter Matt Baker, and in what has been a challenging year in terms of fundraising, has been successful in having several grant applications accepted, which included a total of £11,000 from the insurance company Animal Friends.

For more information about the charity's work and future events visit

Results from the charity dressage competition:

Class 1 PC D Test Equiteach Clients; 1 S Whitehead (Bella), 2 F Johnson-Burke (Pod), 3 J Whitehead (Blue), 4 F Johnson-Burke (Peppa), 5 A Carmen (Brandy); Class 2 Intro C Equiteach Clients: 1 C Goode (Totty), 2 E Slaney (LT), 3 A Wilson (Toddy), 4 L Curson (Jasper), 5 J Oxlee (Socks) 6 B Gibbon (Patrick); Class 3 Prelim 12 Equi Teach Clients: 1 C Goode (Dory), 2 J Leech (Jasper), 3 L Kirwen (Marble), 4 C Donaher (Toddy), 5 W Dickens (Socks), 6 K Marsden (Gilly); Class 4A Intro C : 1 B Hyde(Darcy), 2 F Sonley (Echo), 3 L Humphreys (Larry), 4 A Emmett (Lloyd), 5 C Hardwick (Sheldon), 6 C Mills (Gadge); Class 4B Intro C: 1 J Hooper (Homer), 2 S Stroyd (Hillgarth Ivor), 3 J Small (Arthur), 4 S Watson (Bruce), 5 B Pink (Lola), 6 J Evans (Dom); Class 5A Prelim 12; 1 E Welsh (Marni), 2 H Bowles (Rainbow), 3 K Skinner (Socks), 4 J Bowles (Panda), 5 B Hyde (Darcy), 6 L Humphreys (Gilly); Class 5B Prelim 12; 1 J Tate (Max), 2 W Hanley (Pilar), 3 A Jennison (Mr Darcy), 4 M Hutchinson (Jasper), 5 A Williams (Winston), 6 J Barthram (Esme); Class 6 Prelim 14 (Ponies) 1 I Murphy (Patrick), 2 J Hooper (Homer), 3 K Skinner (Socks), 4 J Wilson (Smokey), 5 S Williams (Winston); Class 6 Prelom 14 (Horses) 1 J Tate (Max), 2 L Fletcher (Pea), 3 W Hanley (Pilar), 4 A Jennison (Mr Darcy), 5 B Pink (Tri Again), 6 G Smith (Harley); Class 7 Novice 34: 1 J Wilson (LT), 2 B Allen (Snoops), 3 L Fletcher (Pea), 4 B Pink (Tri Again), 5 B Hyde (Marni), 6 L Austick (Maisy)

Championship rosettes were awarded for the highest scores in the following categories: Best Riding Club Member: J Wilson (LT); Best Thoroughbred: E Welsh (Marni); Best Coloured: H Bowles (Rainbow); Best Traditional: L Humphreys (Larry); Best Veteran: C Goode (Totty); Best Pony Club Member; F Sonley (Echo), Best Gelding: J Tate (Max); Best Mare: B Hyde (Darcy); Best Rescue; I Murphy (Patrick); Best Native: J Hooper (Homer)