A CHURCH in Guisborough had a visit from the youngest Roman Catholic priest in England on Sunday.

Fr Limnyuy Ghamsi, known as Fr Liam to his friends and parishioners, was at the town's St Paulinus RC Church.

The 26-year-old came to England from Cameroon, central Africa, aged seven and was brought up in Leicester. Fr Ghamsi entered the Roman Catholic seminary at Oscott, Sutton Coldfield, to begin his training to become a priest and there he met Fr Phil Cunnah, who was in his final year.

After ordination, Fr Cunnah came to St Mary’s Cathedral in Middlesbrough and last September, he was appointed parish priest at St Paulinus. Last week, Fr Ghamsi took the opportunity to visit his friend and celebrate Mass together. He said: “When I started Seminary at St Mary’s College, (Oscott) Fr Phil was in the top year so we overlapped.

“Most priests take a week off soon after Easter so my parish let me have this week off. I’ve got a few friends in Middlesbrough and my sister lives here as well. In my first year of Seminary, I did a placement with my Mission, the Middlesbrough Youth Team, at the time, and I made a good number of friends here so at least once a year I come back.”

Fr Ghamsi’s home parish is in Leicester and he shares two parishes with another priest, St Peter’s and the Blessed Sacrament Churches, Leicester. He said: “I’m the youngest priest in England for sure because there aren’t many seminaries and I know the year that I started, I was the youngest person. Six years later I’m the youngest priest and I’m fairly sure there was no-one younger than me the year after me so I should be the youngest for another year as well.

"I turned 26 on (last) Monday. You have to be at least 25 to become as priest so I just edged it. I was just 25 when I was ordained.”

Fr Ghamsi added: “I was just telling Fr Phil, the further North you go, the nicer people are. It is always nice to see how welcoming and how warm people are, so I’ll certainly remember that when I go back.”