NORTH East actress Charlotte Riley has set up a nursery providing childcare for those in the film industry.

Miss Riley, originally from Grindon, near Stockton-on-Tees, has co-founded WonderWorks nursery near Warner Bros Studio in Hertfordshire.

The mum-of-two and wife of actor Tom Hardy said it was a "first" for the film industry, and said it was vital to enable actors who could not afford expensive childcare to remain working.

The actress and former Teesside High student said she hasn't been forced to turn down jobs because she could afford to hire a nanny 'because my partner's working'.

Miss Riley said the nursery is important for those in the industry who aren't commanding huge salaries, who have to work to short contracts and move between studio and location shoots.

The actress said she is starting a campaign that by 2024 all productions have a line in their budget for childcare.

She said Mr Hardy has been 'really supportive' of the nursery, and understands how "vital" it is.