MARCH 29 was a red letter day for many people, with grass roots sports being allowed for the first time for months after the Covid lockdown.

It was as if a cork had been released from a bottle, and many members of Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers turned up for a socially distanced training session that Monday night.

People from outside the immediate vicinity were able to be there, and some felt strange for being further from home than usual. Several new members were welcomed and the feel good factor at the end was palpable.

"Not the park run" enthusiasts were in action again on Saturday, encouraged by Paul Chapman, and 5k from home was undertaken by Mike Cropper, 23.36, Pete Jackson 24.28, Esther Harrison 25.53, Andrea Colls PB 26.31, Duncan Fothergill 26.32, Sarah Harrison PB 27.13, David Palmer 28.10, Caroline Pearce 31.01, Gary Wilkinson 34.20, Sharon Keegan 35.52, Siobhan Woodland 36.47, Maureen Worley PB 36.52 and Rosie Gatenby 39.09.