RIPON Motor Club returned to Winksley on Sunday for its club trial, which took place at the Fleethams' farm courtesy of Lillian and Peter Fleetham.

It was no great surprise when 98 trials-hungry competitors signed entry forms for event secretary Sarah Laws. The Fleetham backdrop was in fine fettle with opening sections tracking the river under the tree then half a mile down the fields to Hencliffe’s narrow stream with its rocky banks.

The final section climbed the steep wooded bank then dropped into a dry stream bed which featured a turn and exit over the remains of a dry stone wall.

The entry was split into three classes, with 19 contenders on the hard course, which was won by Boroughbridge brothers Aldis and Bevan Blacker, riding Gas Gas machines, with teenage Vertigo rider Elliott Laws a strong third. He squandered 11 penalties, but he got his act together to head Dave Mawer and Neil Gaunt, who dropped marks on laps two and three.

Middle course contender Paul Sadler rode his new Vertigo to victory, only incurring one penalty in Hencliffe’s stream on lap one. That put Paul Dennis in second place on two and Jordan Fox on three. Thirty two contended the class.

The easy route was a test of nerves and stamina, and Thomas Simpson had both qualities, because lawn mower engineer Michael Platts and his pristine Fantic were intent on doing some pruning, as was teenager Scott Lambert, who had also joined the Vertigo family.

The verdict? Splendid weather and a gem of a trial.


Hard course:

Novices: Aldis Blacker (Gas Gas) 1, Bevan Blacker (Gas Gas) 12, Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 12.

Youth Class A: Harry Mugridge (Beta) 49, Will Wright (Beta) 60.

Middle course:

Novices: Paul Sadler (Vertigo) 1, Paul Dennis (Beta) 2, Jordan Fox (Beta) 3.

Youth A: Jack Bennett (Beta) 13, Francis Nicholson (Beta) 14, Mason Carter (TRS) 26.

Youth Class B: Edward Storrow (Gas Gas) 16, Jack Vasey (Beta) 33.

Easy course:

Novices: Thomas Simpson (Beta) 2, Michael Platts (Fantic) 2, Scott Lambert (Vertigo) 2.

Youth Class B: Jack Pullan (Sherco) 21, Callum Edmondson (Beta) 68.

Youth Class C: Jamie Graeme (Beta) 28.