NATIONAL Park bosses have repeated pleas for people heading out into the countryside over the bank holiday to stick to Covid guidelines - and to take their litter home.

"Lots of you have been coming into the Dales over the weekend," says a tweet from the  Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

"We’re glad to see you, but please support our local communities by following the latest Covid guidance and by taking all your litter home."

Since March 29, Covid restrictions have been relaxed slightly so that people can meet in a group of six (or a larger group from no more than two households) in the open.

But you should still stay two metres apart from anyone who is not in your bubble - or wear a facemask if you have to get closer.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, meanwhile, has issued its own plea for those heading out into the countryside not to light fires or have a barbecue.

"Every year we attend grass and wild fires that are started accidentally by people having barbecues on grass or through campfires that have spread," a spokesperson said.

"If you are planning a visit to our national parks or the countryside please make sure you follow the countryside code: leave gates and property as you find it, keep dogs under control, stick to paths unless wider access is available - and don’t have a BBQ or fires.

"Please also take care to dispose of cigarettes and glass bottles carefully as these can cause fires, and always park responsibly so a fire engine can get past."