NOT one to let the grass grow under her feet, author Hannah Russell has used her increased leisure time to write a new children’s story – her tenth book.

Based in Leyburn, Hannah is best known for the stories she first wrote as a teenager about her miniature Shetland pony Little Alf. Her diminutive pet has featured in eight books, which have been read around the world and translated into many different languages.

Aimed at children under six-years-old, The Scary Hair Fairy is based on a magical character who travels from place to place at night causing mischief.

Hannah said: “I wrote this book when I was 17, and I always wanted to get it published one day.

“My parents used to tell me ‘the scary hair fairy’ had visited when I woke up in a morning as I always had curly messy hair as a child.

“I always wanted to adapt it into a story one day.”

During the lockdown, Hannah, who lives with her parents in Leyburn, had been talking about hairdressers being closed, which gave her the idea.

Revisiting her book, she began working on it in December last year.

Together with an illustrator they brought the character to life and the book has now been published as a children’s story.

Hannah said: “Although the book isn’t based on Little Alf like my previous stories, I wanted to publish the story as it’s fun and something I enjoyed having as part of my childhood. It will be nice to share it with others.”

Now 24, Hannah is a best-selling author. In addition to writing she is a successful businesswoman with multiple interests. She owns Russell Home Interiors and is a conservation ambassador for several charities.

Fans of Little Alf and the man himself needn’t be jealous, Hannah is hard at work on a new book that should be out later this year.

The Scary Hair Fairy is available on Amazon and from