A NEW insurance product for alpacas has been launched.

Designed for the 45,000 alpacas across the UK, Insure My Alpaca has been launched as the new brand of the former Armitage Livestock.

This online Alpaca insurance provides customers with a rapid quote and is designed to meet the needs of the growing Alpaca industry.

Owned and operated by H&H Insurance Brokers, the product provides niche coverage to owners and breeders to help protect their herds. H&H Insurance Brokers have worked with specialist underwriters to ensure that this tailored product offers protection in the case of mortality or theft, as well as for the risks inherent in travelling to exhibitions and shows.

The protection aims to also give peace of mind to those growing businesses, which offer alpaca walks and tours for the British staycation season gearing up for summer.

Paul Graham, managing director of H&H Insurance Brokers, said: “We are very excited to be offering this exclusive insurance to owners and breeders of an often-neglected livestock.

"At H&H, it is important to us to bring specially designed insurance to meet the range of specific needs that we see across rural industries. Underwritten by Lloyd’s, there is security and peace of mind for customers in knowing that Insure My Alpaca ensures that their alpaca herd is fully catered for and covered.”

Visit www.insuremyalpaca.co.uk for a quote.