A PEACOCK called Percy has had horrified residents of Romanby, Northallerton, in a flap trying to catch him and release string tied around his legs.

People in the area are used to Percy roaming around the area, particularly near Beechwood care home But when pictures of him with string knotted around his legs emerged online, a full scale hunt was launched involving Network Rail, the RSPCA and dozens of concerned local people.

One resident managed to get close enough to cut the string, which was around both legs, but people are hoping he can be captured and properly released. One protested: “I can’t believe a human being would do this to an animal. Hang your heads in shame.”

Another added: “I look out for Percy every time I walk past the nursing home, just can’t believe someone would be so evil. I don’t know how someone has tied his feet if he won’t let you near him, very cruel, who would want to?”

Gareth Smith, a long term friend of Percy’s, said the peacock has been roaming around the area for about five years.

He added: “We understand he was brought with other peacocks to a place on Castle Hills, but a couple of them escaped, his friend was caught and taken back but Percy has just been wandering around and likes to fly about and please himself. One lady managed to cut the string between his legs before he flew off after he landed on her fence.

“Hopefully now he is not tied together it will be easier. I think it is terrible if someone has done this deliberately. I don’t know how someone has been able to get him, everyone is worried about him.

Percy the peacock with legs tied

Percy the peacock with legs tied

“A lot of people know him, you can often hear him calling and he does make quite a lot of noise but people don’t object they like having him around. He does wake us up in the morning, but everyone I speak to likes him, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.

“People have been in touch with the RSPCA and I have been in touch with Network Rail to try to arrange access to the area near the railway which is where he often hangs out, probably because it is hard to get too. There are a lot of people looking out for him so hopefully we can catch him and make sure he is okay.”