WENSLEYDALE Marie Curie Fundraising Group is asking for help as this year members are unable to hold street collections for their Daffodil Appeal.

Every year the team’s collectors, adorned in bright yellow clothing and hats, mingle with shoppers who generously contribute to the popular charity. Disappointingly, this spring they are unable to hold their street collections and so have come up with several alternative ways that will assist them fundraising.

The group has set up a contributions page at Just Giving and hope supporters will donate to it instead of via one of their collectors. There are many ways of helping raise this money. Challenges such as step-into-spring, walking 10,000 steps in one day, a two-hour challenge to make knitted and crochet daffodils or just colouring in daffodil cards.

Small daffodils are available from any member of this Wensleydale Group and at a limited number of local outlets. West Witton Village Shop has handmade cards for sale and the Marie Curie website highlights many more ideas.

Mary Sadler, spokesperson for the Wensleydale Marie Curie Fundraising Group, said: “Please give generously when you see one of our collection boxes – remembering the money raised in Wensleydale stays in Wensleydale.

“Please set yourself a small challenge and help us to keep funds coming in to support our wonderful Marie Curie nurses.”