PD Ports has thanked its customers and stakeholders for their support during the firm's work on the freeport bid submission to Government.

Since spring last year, PD Ports and its independent expert advisers have been working tirelessly to support the Tees Valley Mayor, who has led the bid, as well as regional businesses and associated organisations to realise our shared ambition of creating thousands of new jobs in the Tees Valley.

The effort undertaken by PD Ports has seen more than 100 people from more than 50 organisations participate in regular online meetings to share their views on all aspects of the bid, including which locations offer the best opportunities for economic transformation.

This consultation has been the foundation of PD Ports’ longstanding commitment to help build the strongest possible freeport bid by using rigorous and objective analysis based on the Government’s bid criteria in an open, collaborative process.

As well as parts of the Teesworks site, Hartlepool and the Teesport Estate, customer and stakeholder feedback evidentially supports the contention that Wilton and Teesport Commerce Park should be included within the bid.

PD Ports’ chief operating officer and vice-chairman, Jerry Hopkinson, said: “As Statutory Harbour Authority, our job is to make sure that we achieve the strongest possible freeport bid for the Tees Valley.

"In doing so, we want the region to achieve the best bangs for its buck – and by that I mean to secure extensive new investment in high-end manufacturing leading to long-term, secure and well-paid jobs for folks across the Tees Valley."